The Best Ways to Boost SEO with AI in 2024 - Complete Guide

The Best Ways to Boost SEO with AI in 2024 - Complete Guide

Here are a bunch of ways you can use AI to level up your SEO.

Finding Guest Post Opportunities with AI

Guest posting is one of the best ways to build backlinks and supercharge your SEO. However, finding sites to reach out to can be time intensive. That's where AI comes in. We built a free tool to find you niche-specific guest posting opportunities with AI. Just describe your target audience and we'll do the heavy lifting. You can check it out here.

Install an AI Chatbot on your Site to Boost SEO

Adding an AI chatbot encourages users to stay longer on a web page. This extended time spent on your site sends positive signals to Google, which is great for SEO. Additionally, by helping direct inbound leads/customers go where they need to go, they're more likely to be satisfied, which means more returning customers and increased organic traffic through word of mouth.

However, not every site in every niche needs an AI chatbot. If you have a lot of different services, often deal with customer support, or need to qualify your leads, it might be a good fit.

Intercom seems to be the most common AI chat solution we've seen recently. I haven't personally used it, however.

Finding Niche Instagram Hashtags with AI

Instagram hashtags are a great way to get your content in front of a new audience and attract people to build an engaged community. However, knowing which Instagram hashtags to use and target is challenging. You can use this free Instagram Hashtag Finder to find the Instagram hashtags in your niche and see their volume. Just describe your target audience.

Additionally, if you start a free trial, you are able to also see the average number of likes of the top posts, which gives you a good indication of which hashtags to target (you want your posts to be able to get enough likes to display if someone searches that hashtag).

Build AI Powered Tools as Lead Magnets

I'll let you in on a little secret.

This is exactly what we're doing. And it works. Here's a case study. Another developer and I launched a free lead magnet called UserPersona back in early 2023. It took us a day to build. We did effectively no marketing apart from posting it on ProductHunt. Here were the results:

InstantPersonas Lead Magnet Results

Tons of sites started linking back to our free lead magnet. I didn't need to do any outreach at all. Even today, we still get a sizeable amount of traffic to InstantPersonas from this lead magnet. There are a couple reasons this can be so powerful. Firstly, lots of people can write a blog post. Far fewer think they can build AI tools. Secondly, free tools (AI-powered or not) and statistics pages are a great way to build backlinks, as they're commonly linked to by other blogs and sites. Another benefit of an AI-powered lead magnet (even simple prompt-wrappers), is that inputting information and waiting for generation to complete takes time, which sends positive signals to Google.

Do you need to know how to code? Not necessarily. You can build out some basic prompt wrappers using no-code tools like Make and Bubble. If it's more complicated, you can hire AI developers to do this for you.

I want to point out however, that the AI space is getting more competitive, so you may find it's harder to achieve the same results with zero marketing. With some marketing, however, this is a fantastic strategy to grow your website.

Use AI to Understand your Target Audience and Find Insights

This is probably the most important use of AI for SEO. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you have all the right keywords, and lots of blog posts and lead magnets if you don't understand your customers and what they want.

Messing this up can be pretty bad. This is where AI can be incredibly powerful.

To leverage this, use InstantPersonas Persona Chat. It will ask you a bunch of questions about your business until it understands it, and will then provide you with the different persona archetypes that make up your customer base. As you get more data from your customers, you can refine and adapt these personas indefinitely.InstantPersonas Persona ChatHere were the archetypes it created for a meditation app. It also provides you with insights and strategic recommendations. You can try out InstantPersonas here, free for 3 days.

Is Content Creation with AI a Good Idea?

I covered this more deeply on our article on guest posting, which you can read here.

TLDR: it can be a great assistant, but human-written content is probably better.

Finding Niche Google Keywords with AI

Finding high quality niche-specific Google Keywords is an essential part of any SEO strategy. Especially if you want to build topical authority, you need to know which keywords to target. There are a variety of ways to find good Google search keywords (Ahrefs has some useful tools), but the easiest way is using this free Google Keyword Finder to find the Google keywords that your audience would be searching. Try it out for free! To see search volume and competitiveness however, you will need to start a free trial.

Want to make a comprehensive User Persona in 5 minutes? Use our AI powered platform to generate insights instantly based on a description of your business.

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